Kinetic Movement Center Rockport, Texas
February Special! Bring a friend to Nia or Pilates and you both take class for free!


with Kate Catlow & Debra Druse

Kate Catlow   Debra Druse

Kate Catlow

​ Kate is an accomplished movement specialist. Using many modalities but especially Pilates and Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, she is gifted at helping her students change movement patterns and regain their flexibility and core strength. Her classes will leave you feeling challenged, energized and feeling muscles you have never felt before! Kate is also available for privates, duets and trios. Contact her at 512-809-5782 for more details about her package deals!


Debra Druse

Debra’s background is in the dance arts. A teacher of tap, jazz and ballet for 30 plus years and owner/instructor of Footwork Dance Studio (now Kinetic Movement Center) here in Rockport from 1983-2004. From 2004-2014 she taught dance overseas to dependents of military families on bases in Sicily, Germany, Okinawa and South Korea. Learning new cultures and soaking up all forms of movement in her travels from local dance forms, yoga, and Pilates paved the path for Debra to find NIA, which she is now bringing to KMC as a White Belt instructor. Because of her joy of movement, she was especially drawn to NIA for the dance, body/mind, soul connection. Incorporating dance arts, healing arts, and martial arts, NIA can be practiced barefoot and is suitable for people of all ages, levels of fitness, and skill levels. It’s a free form, expressive, cardio movement exercise that cultivates mindfulness, is energizing and just feels good.