Kinetic Movement Center Rockport, Texas


by Tae Zeidler

Ti Zeidler
Tae's family moved from their farmland home in Okinawa to mountainous Taiwan during the WWII years. After the war, they returned to Okinawa only to find that there homes were confiscated. Tae graduated from high school and studied to be a nurse. Arthritis ended her nursing career. Tae married and had two daughters, both of whom live in California. She has 3 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. At 23, Tae divorced and went to work as a telephone operator at a large hotel during the day and at night she worked as a Playboy bunny. Tae quit both jobs when she started working at Brown & Root as a secretary. She met Pete Domaschk and they married. Pete is from Texas, so they settled in Rockport. In 1984, Tae divorced Pete and conquered cancer. She opened a beauty shop with a friend from Engand where she specialized in facial care. The shop closed in 1987. In 1989 Tae married Richard Zeidler. Tae took up ballroom dancing which became a passion. She competed and won numerous awards. Today, Tae wears many hats. She makes a living with her alterations and dressmaking, as well as teaching ballroom dancing and tai chi here at Kinetic Movement Center.
Benefits of Ballroom Dancing
Develop grace and poise
Overcome shyness
Relieve stress
Enhance appreciation of music & rhythm
Increase in balance
Strengthen legs
Helps prevent Alzheimer's disease ***
Helps prevent dementia **
Improve muscle tone *
Cardio conditioning *
Helps maintain bone density & prevents osteoporosis *
Reduces the chance of dementia *
* Livestrong website & printable article
** NEJM website & printable article
*** eHow website & printable article