Kinetic Movement Center Rockport, Texas

Classes KMC Offers


Kinetic Movement Center offers professional instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical through Footwork Dance Studio, a division of KMC. We also offer professional instruction in Tai Chi, Ballroom, Belly Dancing & Line Dancing.

Our students range in age from 2 through adult. For the latest information & schedules, you may reach us via email, or checkout our Facebook & Instagram pages, where you will find the most up to date info available.


Classes start the day after Labor Day and run through the Hot Shoe Show which is usually early to mid June.
For show info, check out our Hot Shoe Show page.


Come experience the wonder of expression through movement at KMC.

Benefits of Dance


Dance training develops skills necessary for success in life: self-confidence, inner strength, grace, poise and teamwork *
bullet Dance builds core strength, cardiovascular health and a life-long passion for fitness *
bullet Children involved in dance are less likely to get involved with alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and less desirable group activities
bullet A dance education helps spark interest in arts, culture and an international awareness. It fosters growth into well-versed, refined adults **
bullet Intellectual benefits, including calculating & planning, sequential learning, patterns, spatial development, increased motivation to learn, problem solving, holistic thinking & improved "academic" performance**
bullet Musicality & rhythm expression, creative expression, imagination & innovation **
bullet Develops disicipline, persistance, accuracy, abstract thinking & listening skills. **
bullet Encourages fitness, coordination, cardio conditioning, flexibility & strength **
Being involved and supportive when your child is young opens the lines of communications and keeps them open as they grow older
* Livestrong website & printable article
** National Registry of Dance Educators printable article
* AARP website & printable article
** University of Hartford & printable article