Kinetic Movement Center Rockport, Texas



KMC Dress Code

Babies & Kinder are to wear dance clothes, leotard and tights. They are not supposed to wear panties under their tights, and it is better to start getting them used to this when they are little, as when they get older it is a rule. Also, at show time, costumes look better with no panty lines.

Int & Adv ballet/pointe dancers are to wear a leotard and tights. Ballet skirts or tight fitting shorts may be worn. Jazz & tap require leotard and tights or other close fitting dance attire. Anything that keeps the teacher from seeing the body line may need to be removed. Hip hop requires dance clothes as well, including proper dance shoes. No street shoes are allowed in the studio.

Students taking jazz & tap are to wear tights and dance clothes, such as jazz pants, dance shorts, dance tops etc. Street clothes are not permitted.



Studio Rules


No running
bullet No loud noise/talking, be respectful of classes in progress
bullet Keep waiting area clean & walkway clear
bullet No food, drinks or gum. Water bottles only
bullet Older students should set an example for younger students & avoid inappropriate discussions or activities
bullet Students are allowed the use of the "homework table" for homework only, unless given permission otherwise
bullet Students are to be respectful of all teachers, studio staff & studio property
bullet Students are to be respectful of each other & each other's property
Parents are expected to keep siblings or visitors well behaved in lobby while waiting between classes
bullet All trash should be disposed of properly


Dancin' News

Newsletters go home the first of the month. If you don't get yours, be sure to ask your dancer for a copy or down load it from the Dancin' News page. This newsletter keeps you informed of upcoming events like parades, the Christmas Show, the Hot Shoe Show, Parent/Grandparent's Week, etc.