Kinetic Movement Center Rockport, Texas
50% of Hot Shoe Show costume fee due Oct. 1, the remainder is due Nov. 1

Registration & Fees

For Footwork Classes*

KMC Tri-fold Brochure

Registration Fee - a $20 registration fee will be charged per student, either at registration prior to classes beginning, or when each student starts classes.

Production Fee - Due to the cost of having our big Hot Shoe Show, we charge a $45 production fee due April 1st. It is charged to each dancer in the Hot Shoe Show. Also, a $10 Production Fee for the Christmas Show is due December 1st.

Costume Info - 50% of costume cost will be due by October 1st . The balance will be due by November 1st.


# of Hours Dancer Taking Year Paid Upfront Monthly Cost
1 hour per week $510 $60
2 hours per week $680 $80
3 hours per week $854 $100
4 hours per week $1090 $128
5 hours per week $1277 150
Unlimited hours per week $1488 $175

A 10% discount will be given to families with 2 or more registered dancers.
Tuition may be paid in 9 installments, Sept - May
Payments are due on the 1st of each month.
A $10 late fee will be charged to accounts paid after the 15th of each month.
A $25 fee will be charged for insufficient checks.

No refunds on anything, however; a credit in the form of free classes may be issued.

Classes start the day after Labor Day and run through the Hot Shoe Show which is usually early to mid June.
For show info, check out our Hot Shoe Show page.
For the latest information & schedules, you may reach us via phone or email, or checkout our Facebook & Instagram pages, where you will find the most up to date info available.



* Footwork classes include ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical & hip hop.
**KMC classes include Tai Chi, Ballroom, Belly Dancing & Line Dancing. Check out their respective pages.


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